With twenty-four hour emergency service Border Towing trucks & employees are ready to take on your towing in any suburb at anytime. Our team is accustomed to dealing quickly and efficiently with high-density calls during peak hour break-downs.

Border Towing have been providing emergency towing services in South East Queensland region Since 2005, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will never let you down. So for all your vehicle towing needs just give us a call and pay less!

Call us on 1300 679 869 for more information about the towing services we offer.


Border Towing has been removing and towing away abandoned vehicles, junk cars and unwanted vehicles for many years. We are recognized as one of the most trusted junk car and abandoned vehicle removal service available. BorderTowing is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to get rid of an unwanted junk car, truck, motorcycle, van, boat, trailer or RV. Flat tires, no registration, no title, been in an accident, failed transmissions? No matter what your situation may be, our knowledgeable junk car and abandoned vehicle removal specialists are standing by to help you get rid of those eyesores. We provide fast, free, no-hassle removal of junk cars and abandoned vehicles. Property owners who are in need of an abandoned vehicle removal, junk car or illegally parked vehicle removed from their property can call 24 hours a day to have the vehicle removal service scheduled. Abandoned vehicle and junk car towing services are performed same day in most cases and usually within just a few hours.


Border Towing use reliable and secure car towing vehicles, and will get your car to your destination for repairs anywhere in your designated region. If you’ve been in an accident and you’re not confident that your car is still road-legal, calling us for professional vehicle movement might save it from further damage as well as ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.


Our reliable and efficient towing services also include a wide range of commercial and trade transport towing options. Our services include:

Car and Motorcycle Breakdown Towing for any sized vehicle. We will get it off the road quickly and safely after a breakdown, and to your mechanic’s workshop or another location of your choice. If you don’t have a location in mind, we can take it to one of our nearby holding yards where it will be safely stored until you pick it up.

Machinery and Forklift Towing between worksites, to keep you on schedule. We can transport all types of heavy and fragile machinery with our specially designed towing equipment.

Accident and Smash Towing to get you and your vehicle safely off the road as fast as possible after an accident. All our tow truck drivers are properly trained in the correct processes for removing a vehicle from an accident site, including preparing the vehicle for towing as well as cleaning up the site afterwards to prevent further hazards to other road users.

Container Towing between worksites and other locations. We can tow any sized container as well as sheds, portable utilities and other towable buildings.

Carpark Towing from any type of carpark including undercover and restricted access carparks.

Abandoned Vehicle Towing for the quick removal of hazards by the roadside and in public places.

Transport and Car Freight for single or multiple vehicles when you aren’t able to move them yourself. We can transport vehicles between all residential and commercial locations, for any purpose.

Trade Towing for all types and sizes of trade equipment and heavy machinery between worksites and other locations.

Car and Motorcycle Transport between all residential and commercial locations, available round the clock.